Exploring China’s Jiangxi Villages & Stunning Views From Jiangling


We recently toured the Jiangxi Province of China, part of which we took in with a local driver who knew the area well.

Having a local driver is the easiest way to get around parts of the Province especially the area in and around WuYuan, which is famous for gorgeous countryside and picturesque Huizhou Villages. While we were there to see the precious villages in the area, our first stop after arriving in the city of WuYuan was Jiangling.

Jiangling is famous for its countryside and viewpoints, as well as containing a few scattered small old style villages in it.

jiangling viewpoint china jiangxi

How to get to Jiangling

Hiring a driver is the best option. Our driver drove us through four villages and a few other drop off points for only 250 RMB for two of us. This price was higher because I was foreign of course. If you are Chinese, you can get a ride for less than 180 RMB. One thing to note: because our driver was a local we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee for any place we stopped. The entrance fee for each village is around 60 RMB, with a full ticket covering all villages for 210 RMB.

relaxing at Jiangling China

Becoming part of a tour group may also be an option, as is motorbike or car hire, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. Get a driver since there is no public transport available to take you all the way to Jiangling.

backpacking in jiangling jiangxi province china

Jiangling sits only 8 kilometres south of the Anhui Province, but is of course in the Jiangxi Province. Getting there from WuYuan, you travel northeast, along main roads, some of which are country roads and slightly winding.

Then, it is probably about 20 kilometres from WuYuan and the drive should take you roughly a half an hour. Once you pass a few low lying villages, you will start to head upwards to viewpoints over the entire region. The main thing to see here are the stunning viewing points, which are well worth doing for the views of the low lying Chinese villages. Visiting the local villages is also an option and recommended.

jiangling china

villages in jiangling china

You don’t need a lot of time for Jiangling unless of course you’re a writer or artist and want to spend time here for inspiration. The time of year can also be a factor as well. Recommended times to visit Jiangling are in Spring (March/April) so your view can look down over pretty yellow Canola Fields or early June is a great time also. They grow rapeseed and rice here and the views in Spring will reflect the marvelous views I witnessed of the Yellow Canola Fields.

Video from Jiangling:

Top photo credit only: HD Travel Photos (wallpaper).

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