The Faces of D8: All Things Digital

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This year, the annual D8: All Things Digital Conference, now in its 8th year, was alive and kicking. Last week, D8 attracted some of the most powerful and interesting people in the technology and media industries. Below is a sample of some of the faces and energies I came across in my path at this year’s event, which was held at a new venue this year – Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California.

A very passionate James Cameron (Canadian Film Director) says Avatar was the most powerful film and cites childhood, “I always liked nature and describes his connection to it. The creation of Avatar is a result of that connection. Note: I preferred his hair a tad longer.

A passionate James-Cameron (8)

Google’s David Krane and Yossi Vardi

David-Krane and Yossi-Vardi

Klaus Schauser, Michael Miller

Early night networking (1)

Ev Williams, Jen Limm


Natasha Benningfield sings on opening night

Natasha-Benningfield sings to the D8 crowd (60)

Jill Sobule, Renee Blodgett

Jill-Sobule and Renee-Blodgett (1)

Claudia Cineceros from Cisco, Quentin Hardy from Forbes

NBDevelop with Quentin Hardy

Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs

D-interview (16)

John Donahoe of eBay

John-Donahoe of eBay (7)

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sweats up a storm

Mark-Zuckerberg interview (28)

John Doerr

John-Doer (4)

Katie Boehret, Walt Mossberg

Katie Walt Edie hallway networking (2)

Lonely Planet’s Matt Goldberg

Jill and Matthew from Lonely Planet (1)

Shireen Piramoon, NBC’s Ramona Schindelheim, Annie Pong, Renee Blodgett (far right)

Thomson Reuters party (12)

Walt Mossberg on D8 stage

Walt-Mossberg on the D8 stage (8)

D networking (2)

Dan Gillmor, Larry Magid

Dan-Gillmor and Larry-Magid

Energy Post Cameron Talk

James-Cameron after D Interview (6)

Chris Alden of WordPress, DemandMedia’s Richard Rosenblatt

Chris-Alden and demandmedia guy (2)

The Thomson Reuters Party

Early night networking (3)

Rob Hayes, Nat Goldhaber

Flight to D Conference in Nats plane (10)

John Battelle


Ellen Levy from LinkedIn, Alex Daniels from HBO

Networking (9)’s David Hayden demos to’s Bob Rosenschein

Networking at D8 (3)

Vinod Khosla

Networking (7)

Sunset private dinners at D (1)

Steve Case

Steve-Case (5)

Dick Hillenbrand, Shervin Pishevar

Sunset private dinners at D (40)

Terreare resort (2)

Watching a magician at work

Networking at D (8)

Steve Jobs

Steve-Jobs interview at D8 (32)

Asa Mathat, IDG’s Bob Carrigan

Networking (11)

Rob Glaser

Rob from Real Networks (1)

Roger McNamee before his demo


Murdoch kicks things off

Murdoch at D (1)

Jim Louderback, Bernee Strom

Jim-Louderback and Bernee Strom (2)

Larry and Patti Magid, Rick Smolan

Flight to D Conference in Nats plane (15)

Barrons’ Eric Savitz


Brett Wayn


More James Cameron

James-Cameron talks to D8 audience (9)

More Steve Jobs

Steve-Jobs interview at D8 (10)

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