Sous Vide Conference with Georges Pralus


I have been away from El Sarten, although my culinary life has not stopped at all. In fact I have been working very hard in order to build a new company called Cuisine Standard. This is about giving existing businesses a wide menu of culinary solutions, and helping rising businesses on their way to success.

One of our services consists of organizing events like this one we did in Ecuador. We organized a conference related to new technologies used for cooking. Master Chef Georges Pralus came to show us his creations, including the cryovacking cooking system and the ” Vapo Saveur”, a new technique where we use a microwave to cook in the healthiest, fastest and most economic way possible, by using only 60 grams of water to cook vegetables for almost 2 hours instead of using 10 liters , steaming them inside this special bell shaped object.

It was hard for me to believe in using a microwave to cook. Normally I don’t like them, but this genius of the culinary world has shown me this revolutionary technique that could be a great option for countries where water is hard to find. Although I was shy to share a stage with Georges Pralus, we had almost 400 people attend this conference and it was a very nice start for Cuisine Standard. I am also happy to be back in El Sarten.

Rodrigo Pacheco
Rodrigo Pacheco is a top-notch Ecuadorian chef who bases half his time in Quito and the other half in Banos, where he prepares meals made from fresh organic ingredients at Casa del Abuelo Art Hotel & Restaurant. He is also the executive chef at Cuisine Standard in Quito.

He has studied with some of the best, including Madrid Fusión in Spain, Alain Ducasse Formation in Paris, the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, and the Instituto Inacap in Santiago, Chile among others.

He has done a Government Cultural Exchange in Canada and the Masters of Food and Wine tour of the world in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
representing Ecuador as an invited chef. Rodrigo was also a Culinary radio show host on Saberes y Sabores.
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