Peter Smith and the Quantum World

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We were introduced to Peter Smith and his work through his latest book Quantum Consciousness, which addresses quantum physics and expanded states of awareness. The book and I’d argue, his work, helps you pull science and spirituality closer together.

Peter Smith Quantum consciousness

Peter Smith on Quantum Consciousness

We were able to do a Q&A with Peter Smith recently about his book Quantum Consciousness, his work at the Newton Institute, Hypnoenergetics, Life Between Lives (LBL) and beyond. In 2006, Peter was working in the UK with Newton Institute founder and visionary Michael Newton who wrote the renowned book on the topic Journey of Souls way back in 1994. As his soul awakened, he soon realized that he wanted to bring Michael’s LBL work to Australia.

“It‘s like my soul awoke at an experience I never experienced before.”

At the time, Peter was attracted to Quantum Physics so used it as a springboard to help bring people to other realities. He said, “we found that we could step into other realities through intention and that these were even easier to access than past lives.”

As his work with Michael and others unfolded, they were able to take people out of their bodies to near death experiences so they could see a situation from an elevated place, and in this way, dissolve an issue or trauma in their lives more effectively. And so, over time, this led to working with regular therapists and practitioners to turn them into facilitators of pure consciousness.

Peter dived into LBL with a venegence, so much so that he ended up becoming the president of the Newton Institute from 2009 to 2018 and thought it would be his life long path. While LBL remains powerful and integral to his life, Peter was always looking at what’s next, something he learned from Michael who was always pushing his employees and teachers to expand to new realms, places and levels of consciousness.

Enter Quantum Physics

Given that Peter Smith already had an interest in and resonated with quantum physics, he began to go deeper. Why not improve on a model and approach he was already doing, but to push boundaries so he didn’t get trapped in his own comfort zone?

The new model he began to work on and with was all about surrendering for humans. Let’s face it — we are all energy and so, we are really Spirit first, Human second, or in other words, Spirit having a human experience. An individual’s soul’s evolution is always to expand their consciousness.

Peter Smith Quantum consciousness and quantum physics

Peter Smith, author of Quantum Consciousness

His work with LBL at the Newton Institute was all about discovering the spiritual beings within each and every one of us. Once he began to expand that work with Quantum Consciousness, he learned that we are multidimensional beings living in a limited universe.

Says Peter, “It’s all about calling from Spirit to a deeper part of  a person. I put them in a space so they could simply open up to the light within themselves.” In other words, he got them to move inside so they could connect to their hearts.

This naturally made a lot of sense to me and not just because it sounds “logical.” That’s the thing — it’s counter to logic in so many ways. In our own work, when Spirit connects to people’s hearts through us, we shift something in their deeper awareness that lights up (and calls to their) Higher Self. It can waken people up, move them away from “ego” and even out of depression or anxiety.

As Peter Smith writes in Nexus Magazine last year (below) about how the traditional medical world treats anxiety as an “illness.” He asserts that it’s really just a safety system that is turned up too high.”  Help comes when you can heal the Subconscious Mind.

“The language of the conscious mind is time; the language of the subconscious mind is energy. It is the energy stored in the subconscious that is driving the system. Its source needs to be identified and released. Once this is done, the warning system structure can be collapsed and the conscious mind can relearn without the highly charged energy that characterizes anxiety.”

Essentially what Peter is saying is that a part of you is trying to keep you safe, but it has gone off-beam and you can’t reason with it as you can’t get to  to it. It is hidden behind the veil of the subconscious.

As he began to expand his work (which included workshops to train others), they started at a more practical level and them moved to a metaphysical level, which is all about transcended frequencies. You don’t have to be a spiritual teacher, an expert in LBL, mediumship or the spiritual realm to communicate, connect or “create” at higher frequencies. Musicians and artists “create” magic all the time by tapping into higher frequencies.

Peter brought up the example of Australian-based artist Phoenix Greythorne of Patterns & Portals who uses sacred geometry and ancient magickal symbolic circuitry in his work.

Peter Smith quantum consciousness

The work of artist Phoenix Greythorne who Peter Smith recommended. Photo credit: Phoenix Greythorne.

Nature, Trauma & Resonance

If Peter Smith could get people to realize the power of nature as a teacher (we write about this all the time), then we could return to a simpler life. For practical advice, he says “keep it simple. Get back to nature. Nature is full of sacred geometry, which will bring us back to “resonance” with ourselves.

Trauma he asserts, “is just a request for resonance.” His work involves taking people to other realms of consciousness to get them back to resonance and dissolve the trauma.

As Anthony and I have learned too, even when we go into these other realms, sometimes it takes days or weeks for the body and mind to catch up. Peter confirmed the same thing — he apparently had to wait for energies and frequencies to catch up before he could even write the second part of his latest book.

Peter Smith quantum unconsciousness

Peter Smith holding a workshop in Australia

We then chatted about how he made the transition from LBL to these higher realms of consciousness. Peter says that LBL work exists ‘roughly’ in the theta brain which Diana Palm ‘goes to’ in her work on a daily basis as do many spiritual practitioners and mediums, even they all don’t realize it.  It is in these lower brain states when we lose the reality of time. Consciousness however is outside of the brain.

“It is in these lower brain states when we lose the reality of time.”

We began to then explore our morphic fields (also known as the morphogenetic field), which is an energy-like field that defines the entire biology of all living beings. Apparently, it was first introduced by scientist Sheldrake in the 20th century. The morphic field essentially “provided a force that guided the development of an organism as it grew, making it take on a form similar to other species.”

Peter Smith Quantum Consciousness

Peter Smith

Even if there’s plenty of debate that the notion and long held view that we only use about 10% of our brains isn’t correct, that doesn’t detract from the fact that there’s so much that we still don’t know about the brain and that there’s still only so much that we can currently measure.

While we can measure wave patterns, can we accurately measure the collective energy in collective fields for all beings? All living things?  It is believed however that we only use 20 percent of the brain’s nerve cells to form and store memories.

And so, could it be possible that our brain just doesn’t remember other realities which we may be living, whether at a soul level or even in another body in this lifetime?

As “out there” as this may sound to some of you, quantum physics even now accepts that there are other dimensions, alternate realities, and parallel universe and that as Peter Smith writes in his book, “we may all have doppelgangers out there somewhere.” He adds, “all we have to do is find a way to travel to them to connect and this is where expanded states come in.”

Then, is it possible then the power of intention goes deeper and further than we really thought? That we are in fact the creators of our own realities? We love some of the excerpts from religious and philosophical texts that Peter used in Quantum Consciousness to illustrate this point. For example:

You possess the elixir of alchemy within. Use it to change your enemies into friends.” — Rumi

“You are the world.” — Krishnamurti

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” — The Bible

Peter talks about the ripple effect in his chapter on your personal universe, that beyond our imagination, everything is possible. The ripple effect is profound because if we can change ourselves, we can change our planet and raise the vibration of the universe itself. Many lightworkers those doing healing work around “Ascension metaphors” focus almost entirely on this.

Realm of Stored Consciousness

In a discussion on stored consciousness, we talk about how limited our abilities to comprehend these scenarios are in linear time. Here in this place, we may only see our past history and present moment in this life time and have an “idea” of what our future may look like based on our existing decisions. He asserts that when we visit the realm of stored consciousness in a quantum fashion, we become all about the possibilities outside of time.

“In stored consciousness, we are looking at ourselves as we are, have been, or will be, before we move out through the other realms to other realities, parallel lives or dimensions.”

Peter Smith quantum consciousness

Alternate Consciousness

Alternate realities get even more interesting. In this experience, Peter says that there is a quantum echo that comes from the other to us and that there may times we choose to work with this echo as a portal towards that place of distress, rather than the full expanding realms of consciousness journey through one’s personal universe.

“It’s as though the deeper aspect of us just wants specific healing for another version of ourselves, rather than the amazing fulfillment of exploring every realm of our consciousness.”

He says that he has seen clients in an alternate consciousness follow the quantum echo to take them to a specific alternate consciousness or even parallel consciousness. And, that our alternate consciousness carries all the free-will choices that we have ever made.

In parallel consciousness states and the realm of interdimensional consciousness states, deep healing can take place — we can bring light back and forth. The latter has to do with communication to beings and intelligences from other galaxies (and even universes).

Hopefully if you’ve gotten this far in this profile on Peter Smith, you believe that some kind of reincarnation does exist and you’re at least open to notion that we are not alone in this universe. To think that we are the only “beings” and life form in thsi universe (or any other for that matter) is very limited.

He says that going into another levels of consciousness, you can experience your “soul” in other forms and dimensions and see what you are there (here) and elsewhere, to learn, grow and evolve through the myriad of opportunities available in this and any other universe or dimension. The key is to be open.

Peter Smith doesn’t proclaim to be an expert on quantum physics but he has worked with hundreds of clients, bringing them to other dimensions and LBL therapy to gather these findings and observations. To date, they have over 500 cases behind the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.

The advice he gives all is to just be open to the journey, the process and the notion that there is something more than we can physically see with our eyes. “Seek,” he says and “explore,” as this starts the journey.” He also asks you to be courageous by taking the small steps if bigger steps feel too much and as you do, you will begin to understand your own ripple effect.

In other words: whatever you do, ripples out from you. (think of it as an extension of Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks early work with matching vibrations to the universe to manifest what you want).

He adds: “how an intention for a better world. Know that there is another way. See the beauty around you. And, to remember that your soul came here to be you in this time, this place, this body in the sacred symbiotic relationship of a spiritual being having a human experience.”

BTW, our Spirit Team tells us the same thing all the time. “We are Spirit first, Human second and our Culture third.” Once we show up every day as Spirit first, everything changes. And, every change of significance, says Peter, “starts at the smallest scale.” Hear hear.

“Hold at your very core, your subatomic particles, your being a vision for a different world, and it will come because we know the physical rules of cause and effect do not hold true at the quantum level. So, bring your creator effect in, entangle with your other selves. Be in your everywhere-ness and do it holographically.”

As we finished up our Skype chat across time zones, we spoke of the ability to tap into other parts of ourselves from different dimensions (or perhaps galaxies) to help with trauma and distress.

Perhaps a part of ourselves which is better at something from another dimension can come in with a higher vibration and assist? We can really pull in anything or create anything we want — “they/we” are just waiting for us to access it. Our higher selves can set higher intentions at higher frequencies and completely change the game.

In this world of quantum consciousness says Peter, there can be an exchange outside time and space which can be very healing as we can more easily release past trauma and pain. If people can be ‘enrolled’ in this notion that its possible, we can release that blockage right away, rather than spending 3-5 years or a lifetime in traditional therapy. At the Institute, they have seen phenomenal results.

“We need to start thinking about ourselves as a citizen of the universe, not of the planet.”

Tapping into a higher intention and vibration, we can truly begin to explore our unlimited potential in ways we could never imagine before. We’ll then be in alignment with a vision that will soon become our reality. Isn’t it time to paint your own canvas? Your own painting of what you want your life to be? Isn’t it time?

For more information on Peter Smith and his world, visit his website Institute for Quantum Consciousness and you can get his book Quantum Consciousness over on Amazon.

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