Two futurists, a scientist and an artist walk into a bar…Find what they made!

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Over the past six months I’ve been part of a fascinating collaboration to bring art, futures and science together. Along with Wallace J Nichols, Jake Dunagan and Stuart Candy we’ve created an interactive installation called, “Plastic Century”. This is a futures focused piece, and invites you to find and engage with plastics (and water) in a new way.

This installation will be premiered at the California Academy of Sciences, June 3rd and June 10th as both the celebrations of Jacques Cousteau and World Oceans Month. These events fall on the usual, fun Thursday NightLife (people must be 21 and over) events at the Academy from 6-10 pm.

J has also helped to create a great piece called “Ocean Voices” that will be shown in the planetarium. When you buy tickets you have access to “Ocean Voices” and “Plastic Century”.


Tickets can be purchased here: (

We’ve written a piece that is now on the Huffington Post, “Wanted: Citizens of a Post Plastic Society. Must Love Edges.” that embodies our thinking: the world has become defined by plastic, and it is this plastic that is defining our loss of health, ecological instability and an oceans crisis that is staggering. And, at the core, the marketing of fear is keeping us addicted to plastics. So, let’s stop being afraid.

We believe that there are things that we can do to fight fear and make simple, immediate change. We also see our installation as a way to engage you without freaking you out!

But, you have to find it first!

You may have luck finding the Installation at CAS if you ask yourself some questions:

  • Why does water in a plastic bottle not freak me out?
  • When was plastic first invented?
  • Am I thirsty? Where can I get some water for free?
  • Do I dare to drink?

Our installation will need to be found, but it’s all around you – just like Plastic: it’s all around you, under your nose, though it’s bound to find you!


JOIN US June 3 and June 10 – 6:00-10:00pm !

(Many thanks to Chris Jordan for the use of his image in this post and beyond)

Wallace J. Nichols, Sarah Kornfeld, Jake Dunagan, and Stuart Candy, are a hybrid art- science-futures collaboration. Their installation Plastic Century is an interactive installation created for the California Academy of Sciences that explores the relationship between plastic, people, and the environment over the 100 years since the birth of Jacques Cousteau. The installation will be at the California Academy of Sciences June 3rd and June 10th. The Plastic Century Team is currently in residency at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), in San Francisco.

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