Join the Ocean Revolution! July 29th Support Wallace J Nichols, The Gulf and New Approaches for Change


Come join this great evening to support J, the Ocean and learn about the real, tangible things that can be done in The Gulf/fight petroleum-toxins production with our help.

Where: Thursday, July 29th, 6:30-9:30PM

– 6:30 Drinks, viewing of three installations of amazing art

– 7:00 presentations begin with never before seen footage taken by J (and team) from The Gulf

7:15 J will talk about what he saw/reported, new programs that will be created by Ocean Revolution, how the Revolution will address oil/toxins/plastics and what we can do to help!

Where: The uber-cool Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, 55 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA 94102

What: Come join this great evening to support J, the Ocean and learn about the real, tangible things that can be done in The Gulf with our help.


If you will join us at the Ocean Revolution benefit on Thursday, July 29th, please make your tax-deductible donation of $20.00 -$1,000 contribution here andPLEASE RSVP to Sarah at [email protected] with subject line ‘I support the Ocean Revolution’

If you are unable to attend the benefit Ocean Revolution can accept online tax deductible contributions at


Earlier this month our friend Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols traveled to the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe as part of a response team focused on sea turtle rescue and rehab efforts.

He was able to communicate from the Gulf through CNN, Huffington Post, twitter, Facebook, via dozens of blogs, thousands of websites and millions of computers.  He was a scientist-journalist-activist and was able to cut through much of the noise and censorship due to his independence, flexibility and (frankly) lack of bureaucracy, encumbrance and entourage.


J learned a lot on the trip, not just about the tragedy of the moment, but what CAN and should be done. In one month, he is returning and needs our help. Come to support the programs that he and a team of experts will make happen:

– Reporting from The Gulf: press still have limited access, but independent scientists have access and computers!

– Massive effort to save sea turtles: it’s simple but true, turtles can’t wipe their eyes – they are blind in the oil and need help getting out of it.

– Reality Energy Tour: the ultimate “eco tour” – people and organizations will be brought to New Orleans to help support the environment, do hands on rescue, visit “ground zero” of the well and learn first hand why we must become self sustaining.

While the cap is now in place, and the flow may be under control, the work for the ocean remains.

Join the Ocean Revolution!

This event will support these initiatives and others and make possible J’s continued work as an independent voice for the ocean.  Here are a few links below to media produced from the Gulf.  You can also check his blog or stay connected via twitter @wallacejnichols

J’s news coverage from The Gulf:

Huffington Post: It’s All Connected, Redux

Huffington Post: Staring Down the Dragon on Dependence Day

CNN iReport Blog: Gulf journals: Marine biologist’s worst day

The Gulf Oil Disaster, As Seen Through the Eyes of a Marine Biologist | Slideshows

The Ocean Doctor Radio: The Ocean Revolution

Sarah Kornfeld
Sarah E. Kornfeld is a writer and hybrid communications executive for those innovating in art/ social sharing/biosphere/and neuroscience initiatives. Her blog on trends and creative visions is widely read: what sarah sees . Born and raised in the theater, Sarah's worldview is shaped by creation in public spaces. She's deeply passionate about applied neuroscience and it's impact on policy and place, how art and international issues intersect, and her groovy seven year old son.

Sarah works with The George Greenstein Institute, The Institute for the Future, Bluemind/Liveblue and other organizations bridging the mind, planet and health issues. She was an original member of the producing team for Dancing in The Streets, which placed dance in public places around the world: Grand Central Station, The Brooklyn Bridge, Place de Concord/Paris, the Tiber River/Rome. She is finishing her first novel.
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