Feeling Sandy “The Storm”


This year I watched this video of Lena Horne over and over and over again. I watched because it’s an amazingly raw, honest and brilliant reminder of love, grief and hope.

After this week, it means a bit more to me.

This is the only post/expression I can feel as a New Yorker about “Sandy” the storm.

Perhaps, these are brilliant songs  (She sings Stormy Weather AND If You Believe) for our awakening that we are living with more Storms, AND how we need to Believe and keep going, keep learning, deal with the reality of climate change/new normal – while stepping up to help the planet.

This goddess of the Boroughs exemplifies the grit of the great strength of my beloved city. Long live Lena. Long live songs about getting through our storms…and the Storm of the planet, and its need for our passionate, undying, juicy love: and action.

Sarah Kornfeld
Sarah E. Kornfeld is a writer and hybrid communications executive for those innovating in art/ social sharing/biosphere/and neuroscience initiatives. Her blog on trends and creative visions is widely read: what sarah sees . Born and raised in the theater, Sarah's worldview is shaped by creation in public spaces. She's deeply passionate about applied neuroscience and it's impact on policy and place, how art and international issues intersect, and her groovy seven year old son.

Sarah works with The George Greenstein Institute, The Institute for the Future, Bluemind/Liveblue and other organizations bridging the mind, planet and health issues. She was an original member of the producing team for Dancing in The Streets, which placed dance in public places around the world: Grand Central Station, The Brooklyn Bridge, Place de Concord/Paris, the Tiber River/Rome. She is finishing her first novel.
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