Sarah Palin’s Alaska

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Last night, the reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska started. On the TLC website, the station that broadcasts the show, I noticed they call it a documentary. I guess that’s a form of reality TV…

I didn’t watch it and am not planning on though I’m sure I’ll see bits and pieces of it because I expect people to share the best (and worst) parts on social networking sites.

Palini also published a book and she is frequently asked to speak at events, for which she charges something north of $75K.

We constantly see polls about how popular Palin is and many people wonder if she will run for president in 2012. She says she’s considering it and she was extreme active in the recent mid-term elections.

The other day, I heard an expert on TV say that she would never be able to win an election and that she probably know this. But by merely keeping the speculations alive, she’s able to generate more interest for all her other endeavors and keep the prices up. Interesting theory…

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