Must Read For Americans Prepping For That April 18 Tax Deadline

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For Americans, leading up to the April 18 deadline is a stressful time. The below is taken from a post over on VentureBeat where they teamed up with TurboTax to answer pressing tax questions.

How can I avoid being audited this year? If you own rental property, you’re under extra scrutiny this time around. See why.
When should I take a loss? If you’ve been an employee at various startups in the past, you’d be wise to read this.
What taxes will I owe on restricted stock? If your employer offers restricted stock, check out this advice.
Will my international startup owe US taxes? What to do if you live abroad and your business are all online.
How much time do I have left? Not much now, especially if you fall under one of these categories.
Do I have to send Form 1099s? Does your company pay subcontractors through their own LLC’s? You’ll want to read this accountant’s advice.
Do I need to reincorporate when I move? If you own an LLC and move to a different state, you’ll want to read this.

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