MobileDay: When You Need to Connect to Your Biz From a Remote, Exotic Spot

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Mobile dayYou Want to Talk When? It’s happened to the best of us: we plan for months to get away from it all, leaving the laptop and the smartphone back home, while taking in the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, or the coves of Kauai.

But, as you’re setting up your vacation auto-response with one foot out the door, a marketing manager says they’ll be ready to present early next week, or your coworker explains that he just doesn’t feel comfortable dealing with a client on his own, or your CEO schedules a review at the exact moment of your tee time.

For business professionals, taking off on a jaunt to some remote location is a fleeting reality when people in your business and personal life expect you to be connected all the time.

MobileDay is a new app which launched earlier this month, which provides one-touch access to any conference call in North America, without the need to remember call-in numbers and access codes. It’s great for connecting when you otherwise wouldn’t or find difficult to. Need to discuss last month’s business plan with your boss from the top of Deer Valley?

Want to review projections with your team from the scuba rental shop in West Palm Beach? Or, outline next steps with product development from the Victorian Grand’s porch at Mackinac Island? With MobileDay, you can handle this with ease on your smartphone, which surely you’ll need for all the cool Geocaching you plan to do with your family on vacation anyway.

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