Is It Turkey Time in Your Life?

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This is the season for turkeys of all sizes and pedigree. Perhaps you are planning to season and baste and cook your own. Perhaps you will eat at someone else’s table. Maybe, like my friend Phil, a vegetarian, to seek out the soy turkey.

What about your life at this time? Are you surrounded by turkeys that do not respond to your emails and phone calls? Do you feel like a turkey that is getting stuffed, cooked and carved? These turkey style feelings do not taste like a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. They provide indigestion that is not the same as eating too much.

Here are a few suggestions to follow at this time of year:

  • Do not walk around with feathers on and shouting gobble, gobble.
  • Do not lie done in a roasting pan.
  • Stay away from ovens, especially hot ones.
  • Do not stick your neck out, especially when sharp knives are in the vicinity.

This is not the time to feel like a turkey being led to slaughter. You are not going to be the centerpiece of the holiday dining event. You do have to consider how to keep your spirits high and looking ahead. You can participate and not hide. You can share with family, friends and strangers. Putting yourself in the background at this time of year delivers the wrong message, especially to you.

If you want to stay stuck, act like a turkey and hide.

If you want to get unstuck, eat the turkey with others.

Happy Thanksgiving

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