Lose Yourself at Canada’s Newfoundland-Based Fogo Island Inn

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After a world of fiber-optics in Newfoundland, Zita Cobb opened a 29-suite Fogo Island Inn in Canada, which is a modern slick hotel with a fabulous view of the North Atlantic Ocean, all balanced on slender wooden stilts on a craggy bluff. Apparently everything from the rugs to the food served in the restaurant comes from the island.

The rooms are simple but pure and oh so remote island – you will feel as if you’re really getting away from it all.

Step outside and you’ll find yourself engulfed in a rugged northern landscape. Only the ghostly silhouette of a white building interrupts our untouched horizons. Amongst the ancient rocks of the Back Western Shore is where the Fogo Island Inn stands proud like a lighthouse, overlooking the Labrador Current. Its sharp angles and rough contours feel at home amidst jagged and uneven land. Contemporary in design, it still speaks the language of the outports.

Those who journey to this remote island off of an island find home amongst an unspoiled wilderness. This is where you feel nature’s vastness and the presence of something beyond the self. On Fogo Island, remoteness is a state of mind. Time moves slower here. You go here to get away and have a wander amongst the jagged rock and sea while taking in the peace the place has to offer, immersing yourself in the landscape. Lose yourself. Be alone.  Guests can also participate in art workshops, take guided tours of marine ecosystems or just take in the serenity. Fogo Island Inn rooms go for around $550 upward a night. 

Getting There:

Newfoundland is a large island in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Canada. Together with Labrador it forms one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. The provincial capital, St. John’s, is located on the southeastern coast of the island. Just south of the capital is Cape Spear, North America’s easternmost point.

Fogo Island is a remote, accessible island located off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, Canada – just over halfway between the equator and the North Pole. It is the largest of an archipelago of islands at the very eastern edge of the North American continent; Far, far away yet close enough for short getaways.
To plan your visit on your own, simply find your way to the island of Newfoundland by regular commercial air links, and come by car to the Fogo Island ferry dock at the aptly named Farewell. After a short scenic ferry ride over to the island, you are there, or you can come by small charter plane from Newfoundland to Fogo Island.
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