Apple & Applesauce Season in New England

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Along with PB&J and a baggie of Goldfish, applesauce was a staple in my childhood lunchbox.  When I came across this slightly grown-up version, I knew I had to give it a try (don’t worry, if you’re not a whiskey lover it’s JUST as amazing without the shot, I taste-tested it!)  And with apple picking season in full-swing, what better way to get use out of all those leftover Granny Smiths?!



I love that you can throw this in your Crock Pot overnight, and have a delicious smelling breakfast ready to go when you wake up, no prep work required.  And yes, you can Mason Jar it up for either scrumptious snacks or sweet gifts to give your favorite foodies.



What’s your favorite childhood food, slightly reinvented?



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