Helen Keller Had it Easy

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In Boston this week, there’s a great documentary by Lisa Olivieri on Helen Keller: Helen Keller Had it Easy.

A summary:
Battling solitude and institutionalization, the main character Patricia is fiercely motivated to change her life. She grew into a promising young artist, and when she could barely see, she taught herself Braille. When she could barely hear, she learned to finger-spell.

She entered a long term, live in relationship with another woman – and then the domestic abuse started. Again, Patricia’s world closed in on itself. Her senses deteriorated. Isolated to her house, the abuse only worsened.

But Patricia refused to surrender. After 42 years of quiet struggle, medical innovation came to her rescue; the insertion of a cochlear implant dramatically restored her hearing, and everything changed. Patricia picked herself up, recovered her independence, and found the chance for new love.

What she did next would make history.

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