PUSH 2006 Takes Off

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The PUSH 2006 conference started yesterday in Minneapolis. Industry pal Cecily Somers is the main producer and not unlike last year, she has a fabulous line-up.

The theme this year is: A NEW LIFE, which will feature people who are working at the center of discovery and guiding the way to what comes next.

A sample of the speakers includes: Bessie Award (New York Dance and Performance) winning dancer, Karen Graham, and actor Dan Illian (formerly of the Guthrie Theater Company), David Allen, who is named “one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity” by Fast Company, Kwame Anthony Appiah, a Ghanian philosopher, academic, and author, international law and finance professor Caroline Bradley, CRASH, which is an energizing ensemble that embodies the concept of music in motion that has been compared to “Steve Reich’s Clapping Music, and Julian Dibbell, one of digital culture’s most thoughtful and accessible observers…

One of my favorites will also be on the PUSH stage with his smart and witty comedy, Ze Frank, who has also spoken at PopTech and TED.

There’s also Feng Mengbo, a contemporary Chinese artist whose work combines themes from the Cultural Revolution and Western pop culture, alongside his own personal narrative, all in a videogame environment, and Jack Ulrich, author of The Next Big Thing is Really Small, and President of the NanoVeritas Group.

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