Lots of folks show up in the state of Colorado and are amazed. You can be too.

Ski, hike, sightseeing are all good. Of course, everything you do is at altitude. Denver is 5, 280 feet above sea level (which Coloradans cannot see) and the mountains start there and go vertical with a whole bunch over 14,000 feet.

A problem for Colorado is that so much traffic never stops inside the state. Planes go overhead between California ant the East Coast. Even Seattle gets more boots on the ground. Sure i have complaints but in the winter, most days in Denver area are mid 40s temperature. Snow comes – yes. Most of the snow that one reads about are on the ski slopes.

Recognition comes hard. Denver Bronco athletes waited a long time for hall of fame mention. Colorado Rockies players almost never get noticed – they were in the world series in 2007. Avalance have won Stanley Cups. the NBA Nuggets are still trying.

Food is here. Good meat – Cows or Bison/Buffalo – is in endless supply. You want vegetables and fruit – check out the farmer’s markets. There are really good peaches and cherries towards the latter half of summer.

So sign on to any photo site and check out pictures of the mountains in all four seasons. OK there is no seashore and no cruises depart from any Colorado city. On the other hand here are a few-

  • Buckhorn Exchange – lots of choices for wild and domestic game
  • Brown Palace Hotel – turn of the 20th Century elegance
  • Broadmoor Hotel and Spa – 5 star resort
  • Denver Performing Arts Center – multi-auditorium for musicals, plays, opera, orchestra
  • Coors Field, Invesco Field at Mile High, Pepsi Center


Happy trails

Richard Oppenheim
Richard Oppenheim helps individuals and companies get better. His effort is to deliver short term actions that will serve as the foundation for achieving long term goals, such as getting unstuck. He maps what is desired with what can be accomplished and then help create a personal road map for going forward.

As a CPA, Richard was an early innovator of computer based resources. Over the years, his efforts have integrated lots of business processes, personal actions, technology resources and decision making. He has developed computer based professional education courses and co-founded a company providing on-line education courses covering the areas of security, management and control over IT operations.

As an adjunct professor at NYU's Graduate School of Business, Richard served as a Director with NYU's Management Decision Laboratory. He graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and did post-graduate work at New York University.

His writing includes books, magazine columns, computer product reviews, feature articles, trade association pamphlets, book editing and ghostwriting.

His journey continues as he endeavors to guide and illuminate the path that others need to take.
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