Cheers to Dancing and the Blogosphere

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I made a new friend in Utah through the blogosphere this week.  Halley told the world about my birthday and Ryan discovered my blog through her post.

He read my post Swingin’ Again and inspired me with his response, so much so that I contacted him.

I guess this happens frequently among bloggers, but I can’t imagine having the time to contact everyone who links to me or finds me somehow and yet, what a great way to connect with people.

When I re-read what I wrote, I was able to relive the moment again:

“When you close your eyes and listen ‘to the music,’ the moves are irrelevant because rhythm overtakes you. It swallows you. You become it. It becomes you.”

Ryan, I won’t wait another five years to make magic happen on the dance floor. To you, Benny, Ella, Glenn, Louis, Ray and of course…….to “the dance.”

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