Eating Your Way Thru NYC’s Mulberry Street

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We have long been a fan of the folks at Ahoy New York Food Tours. Besides the fact that the company was started by a New Yorker with an immense passion for her city, its history, and its food, they truly put on a quality food tour. From one New Yorker to another, I can say that when you’re in the hands of Ahoy, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and wonderful, taste something surprising and delightful, and experience something that will truly enhance your relationship with NYC, whether you’re a tourist or a local.

Ahoy’s newest tour, A Taste of Mulberry Street, is a trip around the world on one short street. You’ll start on the north end of Mulberry in Nolita and make your way down south to Chinatown. Along the way, your guide will share with you true law and order stories that will make you have a whole new understanding and appreciation of the Leonardo DiCaprio film Gangs of New York. You’ll sample six different cuisines that are sweet and savory…although the word “sample” is a bit misleading. Trust me, you’ll want to start the tour off hungry, because the portions are substantial and you’ll be leaving the tour stuffed!

While I don’t want to give away all the tour’s secrets, I will share with you two game changing things that I learned throughout the stroll. First, vodka sauce pizza is everything. While it’s true that I’ve never met a NYC slice I didn’t like, the sauce from Pomodoro Ristorante and Pizzeria on the corner of Mulberry and Spring will make every slice you have from here on out pale just a tiny bit in comparison. They invented the vodka sauce pizza, sprinkled with truly fresh mozzarella (not that part-skim stuff you get on most pizzas). Since taking the tour, I’ve gone back to this special spot several times…there’s just nothing like it.

Secondly, traditional Vietnamese spring rolls were meant to be wrapped in giant pieces of lettuce with fresh mint tucked in. It makes the taste truly pop, and you’ll never want to go back to your ordinary delivery rolls again! Thank you for bringing this culinary sensation to light, Thanh Hoai Vietnamese Cuisine!  The rest I’ll let you discover on your own tour of Mulberry Street.

The Details:

  • The tour lasts 3 hours, but honestly is more eating than walking, so don’t let the “walking tour” scare you if you’re booking in the middle of summer heat or winter snow. You’ll be popping into shops and restaurants with proper heating and cooling:-) And yep, plenty of opportunities for restrooms.
  • Tours are intimate (which is KEY in my book!) The max amount of people will be 12, which allows you the opportunity to ask questions and engage with other tour mates.
  • Ticket prices are $75 for adults (or $65 if you opt not to have wine with your pasta), and $55 for children. As mama to a toddler, I’d suggest bringing kids who have patience for a 3 hour outing without pitstops to playgrounds. I’m not sure what age that is yet, but I’d say under 3 years old is probably not ideal;-) Tickets can be purchased online here.

It’s truly a special way to spend a Saturday in New York City. Be sure to check out more fun posts on food and wine.

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