New York City: 5 Things Worth Blowing Your Diet For – #1


Why on earth don’t more restaurants serve popovers? They are the food equivalent of a torrid affair: steamy, naughty and full of hot air. On New York’s Upper West Side, the Popover Cafe has been popping them out for years. I made a beeline for a basket of their monsters right after getting off the redeye.

This lovechild of Yorkshire pudding and cream puffs is best served fresh from the oven – crisp on the outside but moist and slightly eggy on the inside. Even better, Popover Cafe serves them with strawberry butter. The Bottomless Pit (aka, my husband) titled this photo the “popover autopsy.”

Was he hoping to creep me out so he could eat more? No luck, buddy!

For those of you who can’t get enough, BLT Steak turns out a wicked Gruyere version that’s set on the table as a far-superior alternative to a bread basket. Know any other popover sources? Do tell!

Popover Cafe
551 Amsterdam Avenue (at 87th St. – 1 block from the #1 subway line)
New York, NY 10024-2803
(212) 595-8555

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Gayle Keck
Lowell Thomas Award-winner Gayle Keck has sipped fermented mare’s milk in Kyrgyzstan, dug for truffles in Italy, crafted wine at Napa Valley’s “Crush Camp” and munched her way through every continent except Antarctica, which seems far too focused on frozen food.

She has written for Gourmet, National Geographic Traveler, Zagat San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants 2010, and is a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other major newspapers.

Gayle has visited 49 US states (sorry, North Dakota) and more than 40 countries - though her favorite trip was a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, when she met her future husband on the airplane. She also blogs at Been There Ate That
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