Italian Ricotta Crostini, Easy To Make, Easy To Eat…

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Every time I go to a wine bar in New York City, my go-to appetizer is those delectable little ricotta crostinis.  A combination of so many of my favorite flavors, they’re the perfect meeting point between salty and sweet, filling but not stuffing, to pair with a glass of vino.


On a whim, I decided to try these little guys at home for Comedy-and-Chianti movie night.  I followed this recipe, picking up as many of the ingredients as I could during my visit to the farmer’s market, and was impressed by the simplicity and quickness of the app (even easier if you grill them on your George Foreman).  Make sure to sprinkle with pepper and salt for that extra kick!



They honestly don’t take much more time to throw together than cutting a block of cheese (my former go-to pairing when it came to wine night).  And yes, they taste just as perfect as the ones from the wine bar…but sure do give you a whole lot more bang for your buck.


What are your favorite appetizers to pair with wine?  Have you mastered making them on your own? 


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