Canned Air From New York City in Case You Missed Your Flight…

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Being on vacation the last two weeks, I’ve really come to miss New York City…the beep-beep of the taxis, the Korean deli that charges $4 for a bottle of Coke, the summertime city air…

Photo Credit: Kirill Rudenko


Ah yes…that lovely mix of nut vendor/subway (the train and the restaurant)/Central Park horses/steamy asphalt/melting pot of humans…a true city air quite like no other.



You will be perhaps as delighted as I to discover you can now have a taste of NYC air even if you are thousands of miles away.  Etsy artist Kirill Rudenko has created, for your smelling pleasure.  So for only $9.99, you can own your own little piece of New York via the Original Canned Air from New York City.  The artist describes it as being:

20% Empire State Building
10% Grand Central Terminal
10% Chrysler Building
20% Statue of Liberty
10% Little Italy, Chinatown
10% Brooklyn Bridge
10% Times Square
10% Central Park

Any true New Yorker is, of course, thinking: What about the outer boroughs?  Doesn’t Staten Island get a scent?!  Shockingly, the artist is not from Williamsburg, but rather, Prague.  That explains it all.


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