Love Cloud Promises Mile High Romance & Sex in the Sky

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For those who travel a lot or even those who may not but are off for one of those romantic getaways, the thought of getting it “on” in the air is prevalent for many. Don’t slither and coyishly look away when you read this. C’mon – you’ve had that thought once or twice. Some of us have no fears at all and sneak off to the rest room or dive under one of those (now) flimsy airlines for a little nooky when the lights are off and no one is looking – a little darish perhaps but certainly not comfortable or romantic?

A new startup airline Love Cloud is now offering horny travelers the chance to join the Mile High Club without being uncomfortable in the process or the possibility of getting caught by a passenger or flight attendant.

They’re not coming out of the America’s south, the Middle East or other such locations where perhaps such an idea would never fly, no pun intended.

First unveiled in February, Love Cloud takes passengers to 5,280 feet over the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the casinos of the Vegas Strip. And of course, flights take off from Vegas, the place where what happens there or “over it” doesn’t go beyond its borders.

It’s only a 40 minute flight – not quite long enough to enjoy the scenery, have a sip of wine AND have sex before landing. A romantic experience isn’t a 40 minute one. Think about it.

Hurry up honey, we’re now in the air (10 minutes later), you now have a whole 5 minutes to look out the window to enjoy the scenery, then we have 5 minutes to kiss (some men’s definition of foreplay), take ’em off, we have 10 minutes to have sex, before the ten minutes down to land.

While bookings start at $799, you can add on romantic extras like roses, chocolates, the idea must be to dish ’em out in the limo on the way to the airport since there’s barely time in the air to share a gift.

If this is truly to be a romantic experience that includes time for little loving and cuddling too, then they clearly need to extend the flight – if it were a female founder, that clearly would have been taken into consideration. But because it’s not a woman, the romance comes in the form of high tech — a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle decked out with a sex pillow/crimson throw-covered double bed and a wireless lighting and sound system to set the mood.  

Yeah yeah, what happens over Vegas, stays over Vegas. While I love the idea, I don’t like the rushed component of it, especially for a whopping $800. It will be interesting to see if others join suit from other parts of the world to make it easier to have more luxurious and high end “Mile High Club” experiences. I could see this also being popular in Miami and Berlin. 
Flamingo Air’s similar sex-in-the-sky debut over scenic Cincinnati kicked their own version into gear last year.
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