Hiking Colorado’s St. Mary’s Glacier

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Over in our neck of the woods, took a hike to St. Mary’s Glacier recently. Mind you, the trail is only 1.4 miles (that’s to the lake and back, but you can continue the hike past the lake, which we did), and it’s labeled as easy on All Trails.

I’m no ninny when it comes to hikes, and we’ve done our fair share since we’ve moved to Colorado, but this was not easy. The altitude (you’re at 10,848 feet at the base of the glacier) probably has something to do with it, but the steady incline and slippery rocks don’t help, either. Now is it worth it? Spectacularly yes! The views are amazing and if your breath isn’t already taken away by your hike to reach it (which it likely will be), the lake and glacier will certainly do the trick. We had thrown Lotte in the Ergo and brought her with us, of course, but there were definitely times, especially on the descent, when I questioned how safe the whole thing actually was with a baby.

Chris, of course, felt perfectly safe the entire time. What can I say, it’s my momness kicking in.

Anyway, if you can push on through the altitude and rocky climb (if I can, you can!), here’s some of what you’ll be blessed with:

_DSC7948She looks excited for another adventure, doesn’t she 😉

_DSC7954_DSC7963_DSC7964_DSC7966_DSC7977IMG_2825_DSC7982Look at that sky?! Have you ever seen anything so blue and clear?

Dangerous indeed. In fact, the whole time we were taking a short rest and snack break at the lake before heading back, a team of about five or six rescue workers were trying to figure out how to get a snowboarder down who had injured himself up on the glacier. Yes, snowboarding is allowed on the glacier, but of course it’s entirely dangerous. Hence the injury.

_DSC7999See those two tiny little snowboarder flecks in the white snow and ice? Crazy!

After the hike, we stopped off in Idaho Springs on the way back for lunch at Tommyknocker Brewery.

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