Historical Julius’ Castle to Reopen in San Francisco

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The castle on the hill.

Photo via NoeHill.com.

I never thought I’d see the day that I could write that the long-closed Julius Castle (since 2007) is going to reopen on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. (My grandpa Ernie is smiling from the other side — he really loved that place.)

After all kinds of NIMBY complaints and opposition, the Planning Commission still voted positively to let the old-school establishment JULIUS’ CASTLE (a historical landmark!) reopen. In fact, it was a clean sweep of 7-0. All right!

The restaurant first opened in 1922 (although I have also seen 1923 and 1924 listed).

Julius Roz, the Italian owner, even outfitted the Gothic revival building with “interior wood paneling from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition” (via SFGate). And, then there’s that view.

And, that deep history—numerous stars dined there over the years, from Cary Grant to Ginger Rogers (read more about its fascinating history here). Current owner Paul Scott—who purchased the restaurant in 2012, is looking for an operator and will be busy restoring the restaurant over on 302 Greenwich Street at Montgomery in San Francisco.

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