While the rest of the world slept…..


The year…probably 2Oil spill011, the location… the Atlantic Basin. Marine life?…completely gone. In 2010, while the rest of the world slept, BP and the US destroyed our oceans.

If it hadn’t been enough dealing with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the ensuing nanomerization of plastic that is killing marine life, now we have to deal also with the Big Oceanic Oil Gunk.

A mix of incompetence, political ineptness, technical ignorance and wild cow-boy style (in truth we should say Victorian style, since we’re talking about a British firm) mining operations are bringing oceanic life to the brink of extinction. The  Gulf spill is an international crisis not just an American problem. Instead of discussing how to punish Iran for its budding nuclear program, superpowers at the UN would do better discussing how to tap international expertise to stop this marine holocaust. Maybe we should ask the Iranians, they seem to know how to do it.

Paolo Pontoniere
Paolo Pontoniere is a Neapolitan Journalist, who has been living in California for years and writes for major Italian media. Paraphrasing Charles V of Bourbon he would say that his interests curiosity never rests.

From Stones to sex, from science to conscience, from politics to pandemics, he follows with equal passion all events of which it is worth telling a story. Twists and turns of life led him to become an economic reporter, but as it happened with the Che, it was all due to a misunderstanding.

When his editors at the time asked during an editorial meeting if anybody knew anything about the economy he said yes, but he meant to say that to survive he didn’t need much. You see it was one of those artsy copy offices, full of practitioners of experimental arts; dreamers who breathed big ideas, had high minded ideals and lived on nothing else but sandwiches and cigarettes. Now things are different though. To live and work in Baghdad By the Bay one needs serious money, and he says, he too now understands the real Economy.
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