On the West Coast, They Swing-Out Differently

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By West Coast Swing-Outs, I don’t mean West Coast Swing – I mean Swing-Outs in California. They’re not unique because ‘its a different style of swing dancing on the west coast necessarily,’ but because the venues are so different.

For someone who used to integrate dance into if not her daily life, certainly her weekly life, I felt like I was on foreign soil last night. Time to get out and swing-out more I guess.

So how different? It’s not news that Silicon Valley is surrounded by geeks, particularly at a South Bay event and where else can you dance with a laser developer, a chip guy, five software engineers, a guy in a Sun golf shirt and one with the word geek on his upper right pocket — all in one hour. There were also fashion and hollywood magazines thrown around tables and lying on couches. (definitely not an East Coast ‘Swing’ thing)

Verbal communication may ‘always’ be engaging, but their swing-outs certainly are. The best line all night……when I apologized for not ‘smoothly’ following a lead, one such geek said, “there are no mistakes, there’s only Jazz.”

Here here. Imagine moving your body to these guys all night.

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