Fancy Fine Foods: Winning Bocuse d’Or Dishes

Bocuse d’Or Gold winner Denmark’s fish platter
Bocuse d’Or Gold winner Denmark’s plated fish dish
Bocuse d’Or Gold winner Denmark’s meat platter
Bocuse d’Or Gold winner Denmark’s plated meat dish

It’s tempting to judge dishes at the Bocuse d’Or on sight, but remember, there is a total of 40 points for taste and only 20 points for the visual aspect. All the presentations were spectacular, so these must have tasted really superior.

Gayle Keck
Lowell Thomas Award-winner Gayle Keck has sipped fermented mare’s milk in Kyrgyzstan, dug for truffles in Italy, crafted wine at Napa Valley’s “Crush Camp” and munched her way through every continent except Antarctica, which seems far too focused on frozen food.

She has written for Gourmet, National Geographic Traveler, Zagat San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants 2010, and is a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other major newspapers.

Gayle has visited 49 US states (sorry, North Dakota) and more than 40 countries - though her favorite trip was a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, when she met her future husband on the airplane. She also blogs at Been There Ate That
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