Unique Sailing Experiences on the Water

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With Covid vaccination levels now starting to hit necessary numbers, thousands of travellers worldwide have been looking at where their next holiday should be – searching, researching and planning in detail which of the trips they have dreamed of over lockdown will be the first to be put into fruition.

With massed gatherings still something to be avoided, the likes of Oktoberfest, Skiing trips with Apres Ski in mind, and even Las Vegas should probably be ruled out for the next few months, but there is one adventure-packed holiday in the sun that also manages to get you a room with a view every night (including in some exclusive coastal resorts) and your own private skipper and chef!  We’re talking, of course, about a sailing vacation.

With the bulk of the holiday spent in private with just a small number of close friends or family, away from hotel buffets, busy attractions, and public transport systems that are set to be overwhelmed by commuters once more, it’s no wonder people have turned to it as a serious holiday option.

Sailing holidays are enjoyable – though they still need to be planned out properly.

A holiday by the sea infuses the charm of the country’s mainland along with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water along with the ability to cruise the mesmerizing towns, and several remote stunning islands with perfect coves for private BBQ beach parties.

Plenty of Choices

While talking about the sailing holiday destination, there are a bunch of destinations you can find around the world. From Caribbean islands to Australian waters and from Pacific waters to North European beaches, you have plenty of options to choose the best sailing holiday destination.


When you charter your own boat (and skipper) it gives you absolute freedom to design and enjoy the dream holiday. There is no need to hire a travel guide or there are no deadlines. Sail away anytime you want with your family members or friends to enjoy the best moments of life.

A sailing holiday is not all about sailing – you can also explore various islands and other beautiful places by the sea, or if you want to make it more exciting, you can spend your time taking on adventurous activities like diving, snorkeling or surfing!

Vacation According to Your Own Style

Spending a day on a catamaran, traversing from one island to another, diving into the clear blue water and bathing in the warm sunshine on deck means that sailing holidays can be truly an awesome experience. These vacations are simply designed to meet all your vacation needs and will leave you with precious memories of a fun time with the ones you love.

There is no burden or guidelines in terms of dresses, food, and entertainment. You can wear comfortable clothes – even spend your days wearing a bikini. There is no hurdle to board a plane or any mode of transportation that can hamper your plan.

Feel Like a Celebrity

When you are on the deck of the yacht that slowly moors up in the marina (even more so in Monte Carlo, next to the superyachts!), it makes you feel like a star. For this reason alone do include sailing holidays for the upcoming vacation season!




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