International Photography Awards: Where Brilliance & Talent Bring Awe-Inspiring Shots

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For starters, I love to shoot and I shoot often. Wherever I go, my trusty Canon 7D is dangling from my arm. I have so much admiration for those who have been glued to their cameras for decades and take their art to the next level. The International Photo Awards brought together some shots that will knock your socks off and then some. Below I have shown some of my personal favorites with artists name and titles attached so you can learn more about them. Here’s a link to the Photo Awards Page for all of them.

Entry Title: ” Our oceans aren’t the only ones in danger”

Name: Adam Taylor, United States
Category: Professional, Advertising

Entry Description: “Our oceans aren’t the only ones in danger” Commissioned for the Surfrider Foundation – – A series displaying the metaphorical results of humans washed up on the beach, the victims of the products we as a society carelessly discard and that end up in our oceans.












Entry Title: ” Swedish Hasbeens”

Name: Aida Chehrehgosha, Sweden
Category: Professional, Fashion

Entry Description: Swedish Hasbeens. A shoe company who makes handmade clogs. The slogan is “Better shoes for a better life”












Entry Title: ” Hurray”

Name: Poras Chaudhary, India
Category: Professional, Music

Entry Description: The Portuguese band “The Gift” during the holi celebration in India.












Entry Title: ” Mercedes Benz Taxi Calendar”
Ivo von Renner
, Germany
Category: Professional, Other_AD

Entry Description: Twelve photographers had the opportunity to shoot one big calendar picture each (plus a few more to be printed smaller at the bottom) to tell a story about a taxi driver in an European country. I choose Portugal as my favorite country.












Entry Title: ” Buddhist Monks”
serhat demiroglu
, Turkey
Category: Non-Professional, Travel/Tourism

Entry Description: Taken in Cambodia and Thailand.
























Entry Title: ” Poetry of Motion”

Name: Marina Chen, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Moving Images

Entry Description: Using slow shutter speed to capture the time traces of motion in order to create a surreal and poetic feelings for my “Poetry of Motion” series.












Entry Title: ” all is love”
dingdong lee
, Taiwan
Category: Non-Professional, Wedding

Entry Description: N/A.












Entry Title: ” Evening”

Name: Richard Vdovjak, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Category: Non-Professional, Children

Entry Description: A young boy dances in evening at a family reunion. Himalayas, Nepal.












Entry Title: ” Paper Boat”
Katerina Lomonosov
, Israel
Category: Non-Professional, Children

Entry Description: A 7-year-old-boy is sitting in a room corner. His mother just washed his clothes and put them on the rope in the middle of the room because they have no other place to dry them. The eliminate drops from his clothes she put a bowel. The boy has no toys to play with so he tries to find something to do within those endless moments. That’s why he took a piece of paper and folded a paper boat to play with in the bowel.
























Entry Title: ” Brothels: Living in Darkness”
Miguel Candela
, Spain
Category: Non-Professional, Photo Essay and Feature Story

Entry Description: It’s an unlikely place for sex: a rundown concrete building where rats run free in rural Bangladesh. Small holes in the walls allow the only supply of natural light and air into the jail-like compound. Fluorescent bulbs hesitate to light up, and turn it into the ideal background for a horror blockbuster. After countless demonstrations that stirred media interest, prostitutes now don’t have to walk barefoot when they leave the brothel, and can be buried in a separate cemetery. In 2010, radical Islamists burned down the whole compound injuring two and leaving most without anything.

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