Madrid Fusión 2010

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Madrid Fusion is a very important culinary summit that takes place once a year in Madrid, where very important chefs from all over the world meet together and show us how this art is able to evolve.

The main message was to create a sustainable way of cooking by being a responsible human being, aware of the actual situation in terms of environmental issues, ready to be part of the change.

It was a very nice culinary trip. I had the chance to see very good chefs in action. This is Ferran Adria, he has a very unique way of cooking and I think that only he is able to perform this new way of treating food products.

Although many chefs all over the world focus too much on this “molecular cooking” method and forget that the basics are the most important in a professional chef’s career. Ferran Adria knows the rules and he is capable of breaking them with results that have left everyone surprised, this is his art and we should all find our own.

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