Planning a Trip to Italy

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Does it get any better than travel to Italy? I’ve been visiting this country almost since I started traveling, and at every phase of my life—and I’ve never stopped loving it.

Of course, Italy is not just la Dolce Vita, even if life is very sweet there. Executing the perfect Italy trip requires a lot of planning and forethought, about issues that aren’t necessarily as sexy as tiramisu or the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is Bigger Than It Looks

One common misconception many Americans have about Italy? That it’s small. Objectively, this is not true—Italy is more than twice the size of the US state as Florida, in spite of both places having relatively similar shapes. However, even when you discount Italy’s absolute physical properties, there’s also the fact that the country has so many must-visit destinations. Whereas many countries have 2-3 bucket list items at most, Italy has dozens!

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