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I’m heading to London and while I’ve been back to Europe many times since I moved back to the states, it hasn’t been England, where a quarter of my heart remains. (the other three quarters are divided between the Adirondacks, southern Africa and Maine).

It will be interesting to see how I feel about walking London’s streets again, a hood I used to know almost as well as my hometown. Thereafter, I’m heading south to the islands to take in some unexplored terrain I never trekked in the 80s or 90s.

It’s unlikely I’ll be blogging much during this trip, but will no doubt, recap some of it after the fact as any storyteller lover would, complete with visual aids of sorts. Somehow it just feels more natural to capture my experiences with a pen and old fashioned notebook when I’m in the middle of the wild. Or a variation thereof.

Below when I lived in the U.K. years ago. It’s funny when I now look at this, it feels like seeing a photo of someone else. Ever have that experience? More on this adventure later on.


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