Charlie Hunter Leaves an Impression

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I managed to see jazz wonder Charlie Hunter and band in Seattle recently, a recommendation from industry bud Marc Orchant. The venue? A classic in Seattle called Jazz Alley.

Charlie and his Trio have just finished recording their latest record entitled Mistico, his first release on Fantasy Records.  His stint at Jazz Alley was their first local appearance since the release of the new recording.


A write-up about them on their site: the music on Mistico suggests simplicity, not in composition, but in preparation. Getting back to the trio configuration, Hunter joins Simon Lott on drums and Erik Deutsch on piano, Fender Rhodes and CasioTone. Hunter has removed the highest pitch string from his Novax eight-string and had the neck shaved down, bringing him back to a seven-string formation. Mistico was recorded on tape, very lo-fi, with most of the tunes being captured in one or two takes and without charts.


More: Hunter pushes away from jazz while staying completely true to it. Channeling every musical influence he has, has brought about his most ambitious record yet. From fusion to prog rock, it’s all here, whether intentionally or not. But it’s all in the name of jazz. Mistico is nasty, rough, and anything but straightforward. It’s evolution and devolution.


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