A Different Way to Experience Berlin, the PLUS Way

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My last three days were spend in a totally different neighborhood. By the time I arrived to PLUS Berlin, a series of hostels throughout Europe, it was late and I was tired from an extensive “Alternative” city tour. However, when I was greeted with a “Welcome Megan” I knew that this place was going to be something entirely different than what I’ve experienced in hostels.

Assuming that the staff were also psychic, they said that I was the last to check in, which explains how they knew my name. After adjusting to my new surroundings, I slowly began to take in everything around me.

First Impression: PLUS Berlin is completely representative of Berlin itself. Only in Berlin would it make complete logical sense to take something old and destroyed (once was a school building) and create something new and innovative. I was also really impressed by how friendly the staff was to every hostel-goer, a major plus for me (no pun intended). I’m also a fan of the inside and outside decor and installations.

Added Perks: PLUS has a huge restaurant & bar area, a pool, sauna outdoor garden, laundry facilities and countless other amenities. The building is absolutely huge, so don’t be surprised if you get lost once in awhile. At night, the bar & restaurant is pretty popular and therefore is a great spot for meeting other travelers. WiFi is free although sometimes it takes a few tries to connect.

Overall Verdict: Based on everything I’ve said so far, it’s hardly a shock that I highly recommend PLUS. This was my first time staying in the luxury chain hostel but if I find myself in Prague or Florence I know where I’m staying. Breakfast is an additional €6 as are drinks or food at the restaurant. Single, double, triple rooms are available in addition to the more standard dorm-style rooms (twin, 4-bed and 6-bed). Prices from €11 up. Girls should check out the “PLUS Girls” section of the hostel.


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