Eat Your Veggies, Get Healthy and Be Beautiful

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There is a worldwide trend to eat more healthily, so thousands of people are rediscovering their love for fruit salads, veggie bakes and raw vegetable snacks such as carrots and celery. Now it seems there’s even more reason to eat your fruit and vegetables ladies; beauty.

As women we’ve been using fruit and vegetables in our lotions for hundreds of years in an attempt to curb the process of age, smooth lines and rejuvenate our skin. Beauty related blogs such as Tisca Tips give us advice about blanching peaches, adding it to tomato and lime juice and then spreading it over our faces for a homemade, natural face pack. But it now appears that the correlation with looking good and vegetables is not only skin-deep.

Tree Hugger reports that the University of Nottingham researchers recently conducted studies involving the consumption of fruit and vegetables. According to the researchers eating more of the good stuff has a positive effect on your exterior appearance as well as your interior.

Food scientists and biologists have been singing the praises of the effect of natural healthy foods on the human body but this is a new perspective; eat less meat and more vegetables and you’ll look prettier.

The wide-reaching effects of vegetables and fruit are still not entirely known, but many people believe them to have powerful influences on the appearance. The editor of Ayushveda comments that oriental people believe that eating cooked vegetables during pregnancy influences a child to have small eyes while eating fresh, raw vegetables is thought to bring about larger glossy eyes.

Dr Ian Stephen, of Nottingham University headed the food-research where individuals from the Malaysian campus were fed extra portions of fruit and vegetables every day for two months. The results: apparently the consumption of mangoes, tomatoes and carrots will improve the quality of your skin and make your face glow.

It’s all in the carotenoid levels which are increased when an individual eats more veggies. It is this organic pigment that allows humans to give off an attractive tone of skin. And if you want to eat more of the beauty-pigment then pack your plate full of beans, broccoli, seeds, grapefruit, nuts, yellow peppers, flaxseed, avo, leafy green veggies, blueberries and strawberries. Remember you can’t get carotenoids from any kind of meat.

This study could be a great tool for combating the high levels of meat that society consumes; if people become more aware that by eating less animal protein and more plants they will become more attractive tot heir fellow humans perhaps they might consider a life of vegetarianism.

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