Is Your Car Green?

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Is your car green? No, I’m not talking about the paint job, I’m talking about the carbon footprint you and your vehicle are imposing on the planet. Most people would struggle to get through a day without their precious ride, but the impact of thousands of vehicles on the road in every major city around the world is unfathomable. That is exactly why environmentalists and engineers have spent so much energy and focus on developing the eco-friendly car. So, if you were in the market to buy one, which make would be the best? We take a look.

According to Care2 the greenest car around is the Honda Civic GX CNG which runs on compressed natural gas. This means that the Honda Civic generates almost no emissions. It’s a nifty-looking car which will cost it’s user a substantial $750 00 (about R522 000).

In second place was the Nissan LEAF, an all-electric vehicle. Its makers state that this little number has “zero tailpipe emissions” and that there is absolutely no gas required to drive it. It’ll save you a pretty penny on fuel then but what about your electric bill? The Nissan LEAF will cost you around $33 780 (about R228 00).

Associated Content published a list of the top ten eco-friendly cars of 2010, the cheapest being the Zap Xebra. It is apparently well-suited to users who spend a great dela of time in the city and is also all-electric. It is quite a comical-looking vehicle though but will only cost you $12 500 (around R87 000). The car can only drive for about 25 miles before needing recharging though so you wouldn’t be able to use it for long trips.

Another Honda eco-car is the Honda Insight. This vehicle can get up to 43 miles per gallon and utilises the Ecological Drive Assist System technology (Eco Assist). With just the touch of a green button you can modify the way your engine and transmission operate. You can also take part in Honda’s Eco Assist reward system where you can become informed about ways to drive eco-responsibly. The Ambient Metre function allows you to monitor whether you’ve been driving too long or too inefficiently. The Insight will put you back $19 000 (about 132 000).

If you’re serious about purchasing an electric vehicle or any other eco-friendly car make an appointment with your local dealer to chat about your options. It’s a big step to take in ensuring you take care of your planet but can be a bit pricy so it’s ok to take your time and choose which vehicle is the best for you.

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