A Visual Walk Through Beautiful Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries—a place I’ve traveled to and loved. Not just for its incredible, out-of-this-world natural scenery, but for the friendliness of the people, the surprising foods, and the rise of its LGBTQ-friendless and inclusivity. There’s a reason so many Americans choose to visit Costa Rica. Below, some of my favorite moments and travel photos from Costa Rica from my visits.

San José, Costa Rica
Mercado Centro - San José
The Mercado Centro is a great place for a budget friendly lunch at one of the many small restaurants, Sodas. Chifrijo is a popular dish—a combination of rice, beans, meat (usually pork) and chimichurri
Poas Volcano
Just a short drive from central San José is the Poas Volcano — the world’s largest active volcano crater
Pura Vida
Nearby Manuel Antonio – one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful (and popular) tourist destinations
Crocodiles in Costa Rica - Road Trip
Don’t swim in rivers unless you know they’re free of alligators!
Getting Around Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s most touristic travel routes are often well-paved and easy to navigate
San José, Costa Rica
San José has the old-world charm typical of Central American cities
Costa Rica
Old world architecture is found throughout the towns & cities
So much of Costa Rica just feels like you’re in a giant rainforest (and most times you are)
With beaches on both coasts, there are plenty of beautiful beachside places worth visiting
Tropical fruits are everywhere in Costa Rica
Street food is often served on banana leaves
Alongside traditional Costa Rican foods, you’ll find contemporary takes on the classics
Costa Rica has the world’s most beautiful currency (and colorful)
Costa Ricans have a pretty big sweet tooth; you’ll find sweets and desert shops everywhere
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