Zip Lining It Thru The Trees of the Dominican Republic…


The journey through the town of Puerto Plata passes by the Atlantic Ocean, the city congestion where motorcycle taxis are hauling up to 4 people on the back of the bike, the factories (I think I see a rum factory) and continues up into the hills. We pass by small villages, each with roadside food stands until we reach our destination: Yasika (like Jessica but with a Y) and boy, is it remote. Is it crazy that we just paid to jump off of a wooden platform?

After receiving brief instructions, I put on the leather gloves 4 sizes too big…with a HUGE hole in them. I tell myself I can do this. Thousands if not millions of other brave souls have done this. My husband, step-kids, myself and two sisters from New York are in this together. Halfway through the first zip line, I feel myself start to relax, maybe even enjoying it. Oh yeah, definitely enjoying it. I feel like a kid again. I feel free. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced. Wind whips through my hair as I fly by the tops of the trees. It’s like a dream, all until I realize that I am nearing the end of the line and I am desperately trying to remember how to apply the brakes.

The tour guide’s eye grow bigger as I near the end…which is where he is standing. My survival instincts kick in (like I’m in the outback in Australia, right?) and I have an ace landing. Whew, that was close! When can I go again? 7 more zip lines to go and I am already wondering if they will let us do the whole thing again. “Steven Spielberg”, our videographer lost his shoe on one of the lines. I’m glad I don’t have to go down there and get it! There were wild horses and cows down there. In my limited Spanish, I tell him the horse ate his shoe. I know, I’m funny, right?

They all laughed…probably more so at me and not my joke. But later, when a helicopter flies over and my husband asks if it is a military helicopter, one of the tour guides turns to me to try to translate. Hmm, maybe my Spanish is better than I thought… As we wrap up our adventure, I’m sad that it is over. They provided us with a huge platter of fresh native fruits and incredible memories.

I am a professional.  Don't try this at home.

I am a professional. Don’t try this at home.

Valerie Swiderski
Valerie is a born and bred Midwesterner who loves to travel and explore other cultures through food. She enjoyes learning about this small world we live in and wants to enjoy life on her terms. Valerie is a freelance travel writer and writes for her blog, Trips or Treats.
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