David's Been Here Toiletry Bag Product Review


Do you love to travel but despise packing?  I know I do, but the worst part for me are the toiletries.  I end up with 3 or 4 different plastic bags that I have acquired over the course of buying travel size toiletries.  Juggling all of these bags and trying to fit them into my suitcase is a nightmare.  I have now found the perfect solution: David’s Been Here Toiletry Bag.  The beauty of this bag compared to most other toiletry bags is the fact that it lays flat in your suitcase taking up very little room.  Even if it is packed to capacity, it remains flat, leaving you the ability to lay it across the top of your clothes and know that you have everything you need.

After using this bag on 2 different trips, I recommend this toiletry bag.  I was able to pack toiletries for both my husband and I with room left over.  I fit 2 toothbrushes, travel size toothpaste, a sleeping mask, 2 deodorants (one of them full size),  razor, face wipes, toning spray, face moisturizer, travel size mouthwash, travel size shower gel and body lotion, jewelry, a comb and a full size aerosol bottle of dry shampoo.  With an expansion zipper on the right side, it adds even more room.  The only thing I could not fit was a makeup bag, but if you are traveling alone, you might be able to fit it in depending on the size.


After arriving at your destination, there is no need to unpack your toiletries.  Simply unzip the middle portion and hang your bag on a bathroom hook or towel rack.  The David’s Been Here Toiletry bag is water repellent and I never experienced any leaks.  It comes in 5 different colors and sells for $29.99.  It is also sold on Amazon.  This bag works well for road trips or checked luggage if you are flying since carry on requires it to be in a clear plastic bag to clear security.


This will be my go to bag from now on.  I am curious to see how much I could fit in one bag if it was just for me!  Give this bag a try, it’s only $29.99 and it has changed the way I travel and made packing easier.  We could all use help with that, couldn’t we?

Valerie Swiderski
Valerie is a born and bred Midwesterner who loves to travel and explore other cultures through food. She enjoyes learning about this small world we live in and wants to enjoy life on her terms. Valerie is a freelance travel writer and writes for her blog, Trips or Treats.
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