Jazz and Culture in Havana this December

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SF Jazz ChcuchoJazz and Culture in Havana is the place to be this December from December 18-26, 2012. Plaza Cuba is doing a Jazz and Culture in Havana program, which is a rich and highly interactive people-to- people exploration that focuses on Cuba’s music- and dance-centric culture with an emphasis on jazz.

Cuba is a place like no other. With few influences from the outside world, Cubans have forged an idiosyncratic, vibrant culture out of humble ingredients. It’s a place where the rhythmic tapping of two spoons sets a party in motion, where schools with meager supplies produce world-class artists, athletes and doctors.

Cubans are a warm and friendly people. They approach life with a dramatic flair and an ability to laugh, even in the most difficult times. Their passion is visible, not only on the Malecón where intertwined couples line the seawall, but also in the heartfelt way they dance, play music and participate in sports. They are fierce competitors and have a particular zeal for baseball, which stems from its powerful history as a symbol of national identity.

The island pulsates with some of the best music in the world—an exhilarating fusion of Spanish and African sounds, modern and traditional influences. In the capitol city of Havana, a young crop of talented artists and musicians is challenging social and creative boundaries and adding new layers of complexity to Cuba’s culture.

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