Bermuda Makes a Perfect Spring Getaway

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When we were first married, we decided it would be a fun tradition to travel to the same place every year, even for a short weekend.  We accidentally landed on Easter Weekend, traveling to Bermuda which worked out perfectly for a few reasons:

  1. the flight is less than 1.5 hours from NYC
  2. the weather is gorgeous, basically every single day, no matter what time of year you go
  3. there’s a perfect mix of what we both love: him, the beach. me, culture.

This was our third Easter weekend traveling to Bermuda, and since a question I typically get on the site is about where to go for a quick weekend getaway, I wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to spend 48 hours in Bermuda!

Where To Stay

Each time we’ve gone, we’ve tried a different hotel.  But I have to say, this time was my very favorite!  We stayed at The Reefs, and I was so partial to it because of its intimate boutique feel, as well as how you didn’t have to take a shuttle bus to the beach, it was literally ON the beach.  (The other two we’ve stayed at, Tucker’s Point and The Fairmont were both wonderful, but you did have to shuttle to the beach, which is a bit of a pain with a baby.)


The Reefs also has daily activities lined up for the whole family, from Nature Hikes to Easter Egg Hunts to Kite Making, there’s really something for everyone.

If hotels aren’t your jam, there’s plenty of Air BnB options available for fantastic prices, too!  The island is pretty tiny, so no matter where you stay you’re just a short jaunt to the beach and/or town!

Where To Eat

Bermuda isn’t necessarily known for its cuisine, but I have to say, I was never disappointed in any place we dined.  Here’s where we ate this time!

Henry The VIII: This is done in a traditional English Pub style, but has been a staple on the island for the longest.  And they also have sushi!  (Weird combo, I know, but somehow it works.)  They were super accommodating with a fussy jet-lagged toddler, so they won lots of points in my book!;-)

L1040185 L1040191

Marcus’:  This is a more upscale restaurant option, located in the Fairmont Hotel in Hamilton.  It’s pretty swanky, and actually has a real Andy Warhol painting hanging inside!  Go expecting NYC prices, but also really flavorful food.  (The chef was also the founder of The Red Rooster in Harlem!)  Tasty dishes like fried green tomatoes, corn bread, and chicken and waffles grace the menu.

The Swizzle Inn: This is one of the first restaurants you’ll see as you come out of the airport.  Also serving traditional pub food (think: nachos, mozzarella sticks, pizza, burgers), it’s famous for being the home of, you guessed it!  The Rum Swizzle!  The Swizzles are basically all we drink when on the island of Bermuda, so to visit the home of it was quite a treat!


Coconuts: And finally, we ate at the on-site restaurant a few times but honestly, I would really suggest coming here for lunch if you’re visiting the island because the restaurant is right on a pristine pink sand beach, which you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  It’s a perfect way to spend a Bermudaful afternoon!


To Do

Obviously, the #1 thing to do in Bermuda is lounge on the fantabulous beaches!  Even if you’re not staying at a hotel with access to a private beach, you can still enjoy the perfect public beaches for absolutely free (no $50 day passes like the Hamptons, thank you very much!)

We always spend Good Friday on Horseshoe Beach, where they host a kite festival.  There’s plenty of pink sand for lounging, rocks for climbing, and sunbeams for catching!  And of course, a beach bar and shop, too.

I love this tradition of ours!

L1040196 L1040197 L1040203

We also checked out the Crystal Caves this year, which was so much fun!  The tour only lasts about 30 minutes (so it doesn’t cut into beach time too much;-), but is informative and quite beautiful!  I would definitely recommend it.  And fun fact: I’d always assumed that caves were chilly, but they actually take on the temperature of the above-land climate they’re in.  So Bermuda’s caves are always a constant 70ish degrees!

L1040251 L1040252

Another favorite was taking an afternoon to walk around St. George, i.e. the oldest city in Bermuda.  So cute, you guys!  There’s plenty of museums and historic sites to check out too, or you can just take a leisurely stroll and do a bit of shopping and eating!  Just pop by their visitor center for a map, which gives you a walking tour with all the highlights on it.

If you’re considering a visit, keep in mind that airline tickets fluctuate throughout the year, and at one point this winter they were as low as $59–so this really can be an affordable getaway!  You just need to plan a bit in advance;-)  Also, there’s a FABULOUS bus/ferry system in place that will take you all over the island, so if it’s only one or two of you traveling it’s definitely the budget friendly option for transportation.

And that wraps it up!  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.  We’re pretty fond of Bermuda, if you couldn’t tell!;-)  Happy traveling!



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