5 Romantic Getaways to the Turks & Caicos

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With winter in full swing, I was thrilled to escape the cold for a few days of sea, sand and surf. The Turks and Caicos proved the perfect getaway, with its calm waters, soft breezes and friendly smiles at every turn. Whether you’re planning a whirlwind wedding or just in the mood for a change of scenery, here are five great excuses to book a round trip ticket to the Turks and Caicos, stat!

A romantic honeymoon

Even though I was in the Turks and Caicos without the hubs, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of couples vacationing here. Truth be told – it’s an easy sell. Day after day of sunshine, sand-in-your-toes adventures and cocktails by the pool is paradise on a platter. In most cases, there will be a wedding planner or event coordinator on-site, so you can basically show up and it will be perfect.

At the Seven Stars Resort & Spa, weddings take place on a patch of ultra private oceanfront. Following the ceremony, there’s cocktails, cuisine and plenty of cake to go around. If a destination wedding isn’t in the budget for you, head here for your honeymoon, instead. Enjoy couples massages by day and feast on fresh seafood by night, with plenty of oceanfront cabana time in between.

romantic honeymoons in Turks and Caicos

A wellness retreat 

At the Seven Stars Resort, the spa menu is as colorful as the cocktails served poolside. While there, I experienced their SSR Signature Candle Massage and it was definitely one of the best spa treatments I’ve ever had. My therapist, an Aussie with a fun attitude and strong hand, made me feel comfortable throughout the 50-minute treatment. The essential oil massage features fragrant soy candles that melt onto the body like a lotion.

If you have specific requests, definitely ask for a recommendation from the spa staff. For example, SSR also offers pre-natal massages, beachside massages, reflexology sessions and even massages geared toward curing jet lag. Alternatively, you can opt for Yon-Ka facial or body treatment. Many people forget that the sun really wears you out, so a trip to the spa is just what the doctor ordered.

wellness retreats in Turks and Caicos

A beach bum break

OK, truth time. This was my excuse to escape to the Turks and Caicos for a few days. New York City has some really cruel winters and there’s no better remedy to a cold front than a getaway out of town. One of the nice things about many resorts here is that you’ll have both beach and pool lounge areas. At the Seven Stars Resort, there were private cabanas near the pool area that are free of charge to guests and on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re craving an oceanfront view, you can either splurge on a cabana by the beach or snag one of the many lounge chairs set up on the beach for guests. I visited during high-season and even though the property was nearly at full capacity, it never felt very crowded to me…which is a definitely plus in my book. Bumming around is something you want to do without the stress of too many people cluttering your view.

The best beaches in Turks and Caicos

With all that beach bumming, you’re bound to work up an appetite. ? At the SSR, you have ample options. The Deck is an outdoor bar and restaurant ideal for sunset cocktails or romantic dinners. There’s even a fire pit for chillier nights. For dinner indoors (outdoor seating also available), head to Seven. Even though they serve fresh seafood along with every other type of cuisine, I really fell in love with their vegetarian pasta dishes…and I’m not even vegetarian!

Want to stretch your legs a little? You’re in luck because the SSR is within walking distance of several restaurants and bars. This is worth mentioning because taxis in the Turks and Caicos are really expensive so it’s a major plus to have other dining options so close to the property. Otherwise, you’ll spend all your souvenir money on shuffling to and from dinner and who wants to do that?

the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos

A creative work break

As a travel writer and blogger, it’s nearly impossible for me to go anywhere without my laptop and camera in tow. I’m not the normal Turks and Caicos visitor—I’m well aware—and yet I think there’s a place for everyone here. While I’m usually slammed with deadlines, I do try to carve out a few hours for some “me time.” In my case, I love creative writing and I don’t do nearly enough of it, so I made a point to exercise that muscle.

The best part of “creating” is that you can find inspiration at every turn. At the Seven Stars Resort, I was particularly impressed by the friendliness of the staff. Just by chatting with them, I was able to come up with some fun scenarios for my characters. Then there’s the aesthetic beauty of the place: deep blue skies, turquoise waters, lush landscape and swaying palm trees overhead. There’s nothing like a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing.

the most inspiring beaches in Turks and Caicos

What’s your favorite type of getaway? Tell me in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with Finn Partners and the Seven Stars Resort & Spa. All opinions are my own. 

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