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Thai Food by Ya-YinWe all have trouble deciding where to go when we have a holiday, but seek no more. Spending your holidays in Thailand is an ideal family vacation if you want to taste delectable cuisines, shop and experience the rich Thai culture. From culinary delicacies to succulent wineries, Thailand offers much more than you could imagine from an ordinary holiday.

Most people head straight for Thailand’s beautiful beaches and islands, but don’t miss out on spending some time in Bangkok. Asia’s City of Angels is nothing short of fantastic, with plenty of options for everyone. Colorful Buddhist temples, cruising the Venice of Asia in a river taxi, bustling markets, cheap shopping and world-class museums and galleries are just a few things you can enjoy in Bangkok.

And the food! The glorious, wonderful food! Eating out in Bangkok is simply wonderful, and there are no shortage of restaurants and street carts to try out. BBC’s article on The best of Bangkok’s street food reinforces the idea that Thai cooking should be a highlight for anyone visiting Bangkok.

So where does one go for great food in Bangkok? 

When seeking a great place to dine at, the restaurants and food stalls located in Thailand provide a gastronomers heaven. You may wish to indulge your taste buds at Roti-Mataba in Banglamphu, which earns Bangkok its reputation for excellent food, or sample some of the delicious street food served at Victory Monument. Dishes here are bound to provide a heart-throbbing kick-start to some of Bangkok’s culinary wonders that await you.

Don’t miss out the ubiquitous Pad Thai. Really, Pad Thai anywhere else in the world simply doesn’t hold a candle to what you’ll experience in Bangkok.

‘Som Tam’ may also satisfy your appetite. Som Tam originates from the northeast of Thailand. It contains slight differences depending on the region, but is easily summed up as a delicious, spicy papaya salad with a healthy dose of heat. Often this dish is accompanied by barbecued chicken with several lumps of sticky rice.

Food dominates the streets of Bangkok, and it can be a challenge to locate quality dishes. Avoid eating at tourist shacks, which tend to be overpriced and lacking flavor. The best way to find great Bangkok street food is to explore the city on your own and keep the following rules in mind:

  • Are the tables and dishes clean? You’re better off somewhere else if you spot dirty dishes on the sidewalk next to the cooking station.
  • Is the condiment tray clean?
  • Are there lots of customers? Lots of customers means food is being produced quickly and probably hasn’t been sitting out for long.

Carrie Kellenberger
Canadian expat Carrie Kellenberger has kept a home base with her husband in Asia since 2003. A prolific traveler, Carrie has funded her travels primarily as a writer, editor, travel blogger and photographer, but she has also worked as an educator, voice over artist, model and nightclub singer. She draws upon her 15+ years of travel experience to write about travel-related issues and the countries she has visited on her award-winning web site, My Several Worlds.

Her photography and travel articles have appeared in both print and online publications around the world, including Travel and Leisure Asia, Unearthing Asia and Hip Compass Escapes.
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