Old Karachi Exposed With Old School Photography



Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi – 1873
Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi – 1873
Exterior of St Patrick’s School, Karachi in Sindh – 1873
Exterior of the Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi – 1873
Female prisoners winding cotton on spinning wheels in Karachi Prison – 1873
Girls’ Class at St Patrick’s School in Karachi in Sind – 1873
Group portait of female pupils, with their teacher, in the European and Indo-European School at Karachi in Sind – 1873
Photograph of a Class in the Parsi Virbaiji School at Karachi in Sind – 1873
Photograph of Carpet Weavers in Karachi Jail – 1873
potters at work, near Karachi – 1873
Prisoners Winding Cotton onto Spinning Wheels in the Prison at Karachi – 1873
Pupils in classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi – 1873
Students taking lesson in a classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School – Karachi 1873
Shiraz Hassan
Shiraz Hassan is a magazine reporter and feature writer for Sunday Magazine in Lahore, Pakistan, where he covers social issues, art and culture. At the magazine, he has published more than 400 features related to social problems, culture and 'show biz.' Shiraz has also worked as a news editor at the radio network “MAST FM 103” in Lahore.

He writes about culture and heritage of South Asia, particularly Pakistan. He advocates rich culture of this land and tries to explore facts. Recently he was given an award from the Federal Ministry of Population Welfare for his article on population crises. Writers Guild also awarded him a Medal of excellence for his work.
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