The Bustle of New Delhi's Connaught Place



I recently caught up with a friend in at New Delhi’s Connaught Place which was as always, boiling with people from every age. Connaught Place is one of the largest financial, commercial and business centers in New Delhi, India. It is often abbreviated as CP and houses the headquarters of several Indian firms and was previously the headquarters for the British.

In the center, the tactfully rolled out books on corridors, tiny halt for cigarettes, the cheap aviator glares, bizarre grey market with pirated versions of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma merchandise– all were same as earlier but it felt good to be there after long time. The only thing that has changed is the weather leaving me completely drenched this time.

Hmmm…wait a minute….!!!… I think I missed something… there is one more change…. well it’s not a change; it’s an addition to the existing beauty of Connaught Place- The National Flag. Its raging tricolour is put broad smiles through everybody’s face and currently it’s the most photogenic thing in the area.


We wandered around a lot in the market and later decided to finally rest ourselves at the famous central park. The moment we entered the park we could see the giant pole holding our national flag up in the skies so that it is visible from far off. As the wind was low, there was not much movement of the flag in the air.We stopped for a while near the pole where boards spreading some glorious history related to the national flag are displayed and then moved inside the park to find ourselves some green base to rest upon.

The best thing about the park is that there is always love floating in the air – and obviously in some corners, behind the bushes, trees, on the stairs near the fountain- everywhere and as far as your eyes could see. Some people might term it as ‘obscene’ but still its love or more scientifically termed as PDA (Public Display of Affection).  Although these PDA have the potential to distract especially if you’re alone or not with your loved one, but still I managed to partially restrain myself.


We sat on the green meadow having elegant views of colonnaded architecture of Connaught Place market and chatted about old school times, our beautiful crushes, the college life, the couples engrossed in love in the park and much more. In between, we could see hawkers with their school type bags filled with water bottles, chips, soft drinks, tea, coffee and other eateries which they refilled with another shipment from the market outside park once it’s sold out.



The gossiping was still on when the sun slid between the clouds and the winds took the leap. The blowing winds gracefully lofted the flag to its full stretch with unending ripples across it. The waiving flag swiftly ran a feeling of pride and patriotism in everybody’s heart and even the one who were intensively engrossed with their loved ones broke apart to see the flag. Almost everyone pointed their cameras towards the flag adjusting themselves in the frame and within seconds there were countless clicks.

Since my friend hailed from the armed forces, it was the perfect sight Delhi could offer him in his short visit. Soon it was dark, the halogen lights graced the beauty of the flag and the tricolour appeared more vibrant and prettier than the day time.  Although, it was time for us to bid goodbye but we knew that this beautiful addition shall be omnipresent in the market to enhance its elegance forever.

Kaushal Mathpal
Kaushal Mathpal is an Advocate practicing in Delhi Courts in India but also has a flair for travelling. When he's not in a courtroom, he enjoys exploring various parts of India and the surrounding region. He also writes on his blog and you can follow him on Twitter @KaushalMathpal.
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