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Below are a few tips to help you make the most of your short but sweet stay in China. Let’s face it, China is a massive country and there’s a lot of ground to cover, but if you want to experience it and don’t have the time, you can do short trips from Hong Kong, planning a brief itinerary or go through a tour that falls in line with your interests.

A few highlights on my abbreviated tour included Shenzhen Safari Park, a stroll through the local food market in Guangzhou and lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Top Day Tours to China

Learn Something New

No matter where I go, I always try to learn a new craft or improve on an existing skill. During our visit through the Shekou’s Exhibition Hall, I learned how to tell the difference between real and fake jade. As it turns out, appearances can be deceiving because the best way to tell what’s high-quality and what’s not, is not by sight but by sound. Once we knew what to listen for, the differences couldn’t be any clearer. After browsing through the museum’s impressive collection of ancient Chinese artifacts, our group headed into the on-site tea room. Besides getting to sample three different types, I learned a few fun facts about traditional Chinese tea like the 5 separate tea groups: green, black, oolong, white and post-fermented.

How to (Realistically) Tour China in a Day

Shop the Markets

By far the highlight of the trip (IMO) is the stroll through one of Guangzhou’s food markets. Markets are nothing new to me but they never fail to completely steal my attention. Qing Ping Market is a one-stop-shop for exotic herbs, meats and fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. You’ll see everything from live sea horses and scallops to chickens. If this is your first time visiting a food market in Asia, be prepared to see live animals (not the pre-packed meats you’re used to seeing at large grocery stores back home). For the best selection, arrive early and for the best deals, stay late. Even during the week this market is packed and not only with people shopping for dinner. I saw a father and son getting their hair cut along one of the side streets.

food markets in China

Hit the Streets

It’s been awhile since I was on a group tour of more than ten people and it did take some adjusting. For example, my favorite way to tour a city is on foot. In fact, if I don’t walk around, I can almost guarantee that I have no sense of my geographical surroundings. For the tour, we took several modes of transportation (bus, boat, train) so there were moments when everything simply felt like blur. So, as you might guess, I took full advantage of our walking tour through the bustling Guangzhou streets. Some say that Guangzhou is the birthplace of dim sum, which puts it pretty high on my list of foodie destinations. All in all, the city is a mix of restaurants, high-rise buildings, hidden temples and electronic stores.

city tips for touring Guangzhou

Go Local

Despite doing a whirlwind trip to China, I did manage to make some friends and by friends, I mean adorable school children. Upon arriving by boat to Shenzhen, we took a short drive to a local kindergarten. When we arrived, the school children were playing on the jungle gym and for the first few minutes, I felt odd and out of place. Fast-forward to ten minutes later when dozens of children waved and smiled my way. I had a similar experience while volunteering in Jamaica but once I assimilated to my new environment, I felt very at ease. After taking a look at their spacious classroom, it reminded me a lot of my own kindergarten days. Note: This portion of the tour only happens during the week and is not included on weekend tours or during holidays.

volunteering in China

This trip was comped by Viator. All opinions are my own.  

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