Learn To Gamble Within The Global Gamling Cities Around The World

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My list of 5 Cities to Take a Gamle on:

Las Vegas:
Ah. Las Vegas how I love and miss you.  The first stop on my West Coast trip was Las Vegas and although I failed at the simplest of games (slot machines) I still enjoyed wandering from casino to casino and taking in the decor of each hotel. If you are on a budget and still want to feel like you are traveling around the world, I recommend spending a weekend in Vegas – I like to think of it as Disney World for adults. Even if you are not a gambler, Vegas has countless forms of entertainment. If you aren’t yet convinced, here are the 10 best things about living in Las Vegas.

 Global Gamling CitiesImage via Easy Hotel Selection

Although I never made it to any gambling hangouts during my semester studying abroad in London, the rainy city is a definite destination for serious gamblers or those just wanting to pretend that they are high rollers. Les Ambassadeurs Club, the Ritz, Crockfords Club, the Clermont Club and the Colony Club are some of the most sought-after clubs to gain access to but there are several public spots in London that are just as entertaining.

 Global Gamling CitiesImage via london.unlike

Machau is quickly rising as a casino capital of the world. While it’s considered to be the “Las Vegas of Asia”, Machau has it’s own unique casino culture that continues to attract casino-lovers. With over 30 casinos standing and more in the works, adding Machau to your next Asian adventure may not be such a bad idea. Top casinos include Casino Lisboa, Sands Casino and Galaxy Rio Casino. Macau generally attracts serious gamblers so keep this in mind before stopping by one of these swanky spots.

 Global Gamling CitiesImage via Macao Tourist Spots

Monte Carlo:

Although I’ve never been to Monte Carlo, it’s hard not to include this chic city on the list. I can hardly imaging anything better than having the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop as you test your luck at a game of cards. Monte Carlo is a must for any hard-core James Bond fan. Our friends over at The GypsyNester wrote about their experiences in Monte Carlo and the pictures alone are enough of a reason to head to this stunning city.

 Global Gamling CitiesImage via Parisien Salon


When dreaming of Australia, one is naturally going to think of kangaroos and cuddly koalas before casinos but don’t let this down under city fool you. As family-friendly as Sydney is, it’s also quite a few casinos including Crown Casino and the Star City Casino. The Aussie Millions, which is a series of tournaments takes place at the Crown Casino every year.

 Global Gamling CitiesImage via news.com


Get Creative: If you are on a tight budget or have run out of vacation days at work you can always play casino online. Why not re-decorate your apartment for the night, whip up a few cocktails and invite a few of your friends over for a casino night? It’s certainly saves a few dollars and it gives your the feeling of traveling when circumstances insist otherwise.

Learn the Game: If you are more interested in learning how to play different games like Texas Hold’em, there are often classes they are less about the money and more about the thrill of learning the skill of trickery. I took a class for fun and wound up making some friends.

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