Hong Kong’s Emptiness Amidst its Clutter…


Hong Kong is about as incomplete and as empty as it is crowded. It’s a lot like the fate that brings you here — an incomplete scrabble of steel, concrete, haze and neon. Your life here is awash in brilliant colors, and soot.

It makes me think what I am made of, and why I am here….I’ve come to this conclusion:

For me, being here was about being lost and feeling the very pit of the angst I felt in being detached and separate from the things I know now that I need to survive.

When I am here, I am both torn by the grip of wanting something — anything — that would still an angry child in my head.
I see other people like this, too — very old men with beautiful, very young women, drunk and nodding heads on the table while they talk; people smoking with distracted stares; bright handbags, accessories, and the plaintive lips of cosmetic surgery and too-perfect muscle-missing thighs (a Korean plastic surgery trend is to cut out and remove a major muscle in the thigh to make them appear skinny).

Having been away for a while, and now back, I find I have what I need — love, self-respect, and a confirmed itinerary of goals I must achieve in my life, so that I can leave a better something for my better halves, whatever children I’ll be bringing into this world as I am making my way out.

Douglas Crets
Douglas Crets is an intelligence officer and expert network builder for the social web. Using his training in journalism, digital media, anthropology and the humanities, he creates social media research projects for and about the leading social web entrepreneurs of today. His company, dB C Media provides companies and individuals with data, behavioral research studies, branding advice, consulting on social media execution and meaningful media content to create efficient interactions with consumers, and influencers and on the web, so that brands, companies and individuals can form relationships that matter. His traveling takes him to at least 12 countries a year. He speaks Russian and understands Chinese.
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