Adventures in Hong Kong

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Arrived in Hong Kong…   People movers powered up!   I feel so empowered moving so quickly with assisted walking.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 with ND4 with a 1.4x magnifier.

Hong Kong Airport

Temperature checking…

Temperture check at Hong Kong AirportHong Kong Airport

Choices… a quick ferry ride to Macau for some gambling?  Nah…

Hong Kong Airport

Rolex Clock at Hong Kong AirportAirplane at Hong Kong Airport

My trusty Starbucks… in almost every city in the world.

Starbucks at Hong Kong Airport

No fakes…

No Fakes sign at Hong Kong Airport

Going Urban…

City Taxi at Hong Kong Airport

Kong Kong…

Hong Kong

I went over to Wang Chai markets for a quick walk to capture a little bit of local flavor while I had some free time.

Wang Chai Market in Hong Kong


Wang Chai Market in Hong Kong

Yum!  fresh meat for sale…

Wang Chai Market in Hong KongWang Chai Market in Hong Kong

…fresh chicken!

Wang Chai Market in Hong KongWang Chai Market in Hong Kong

Yummy things for soup!

Wang Chai Market in Hong KongWang Chai Market in Hong Kong

Yao Ming… the Michael Jordan of China.

Hong Kong Bus

Hong Kong Taxi

Hong Kong TaxiGame Centre in Hong KongHong Kong

I love the home made street sign…

Street Sign in Hong Kong

Japanese Word of the Day: 過ぎ(すぎ)sugi – too much



I ate too much.

Dave Powell
Dave Powell is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan who shoots with a Leica M9. He is the publisher of ShootTokyo, a friendly daily photography blog which he calls a "labor of love." You can follow him on Twitter @ShootTokyo and visit his photo blog site at http://www.
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