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The group currently running Theatre in the Muze are dedicated and focused on creating an establishment that showcases local talent that is off-beat, quirky and contemporary. It is run by the Applauz Arts Initiative (AAI) which aims to develop the Theatre in the Muze into a sustainable and well-supported live theatre performance venue.

The AAI has previously worked with the City of Cape Town and Artscape on projects with Natalia Da Rocha, an extinguished stage and film performer. Da Rocha and Kurt Egelhof are the directors of the AAI and are working in conjunction with Theatre in the Muze to create and maintain relationships between performers, artists and writers within every creative genre possible. The project’s technical Director is non other than puppeteer Robert Hahn, and its International liaison is Jenn Ben-Yakov, an internationally-renowned theatre practitioner.

The initiative relies on the support of the greater community so if you feel like a night out at the theatre consider heading through to Muizenberg to check out one of the shows at 19 Atlantic Road. On Fridays and Saturdays of this month you can enjoy dinner and a show for just R70 per person; that’s a lot less than most other theatres charge.

This Friday you can catch the opening night of The Nevva Wazza Band dinner. It’s apparently a comical Rock musical that is all about improvisation and laughs. According to the Facebook event the music was originally written by Kurt Egelhof and his band that never was so you can imagine how interesting the night will be.

The show will be heading to London in a few weeks so now is your chance to enjoy the comedy and music of Kurt Egelhof as he takes you on a journey full of songs and hilarity. For this show you can even enjoy a further discount on the already low price for Fridays and Saturdays. If you book through Facebook for a party of three you’ll only pay R190, a party of four will only pay R250 and if you book five seats you’ll only be charged R320, what a bargain.

The menu for the evening:

Samoosa and buffalo wings for a starter, curry chicken and rice as your main, milk or pecan tart as dessert and tea, coffee, cool drinks or wine are available for a donation.

You have to book through the theatre’s Facebook event to receive the discount so make sure you log on and click attending to the event.

Image via Theatre in the Muze.

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